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  Vastu Tips for Office | Free Vastu Tips for Office & Financial Growth

The direction of the office entrance way
The right direction of the placement beams
The right direction to fix the doors and windows
The right direction and setup of the owner room
The right direction for the employees to work
Set your office as per these Vastu tips. It is sure that you will progress in all aspects of your work.
The place of seat arrangement for managers, executives, and directors must be located in south, west, and southwestern direction of the office premises.
As per the vastu principles it is really good to set the accounts department in southeast direction.
The appropriate place to set the reception is in the northeastern direction of the office.
With respect to vastu principles, it is good to seat the employees facing the north or eastern direction.
The central portion of the office must be set empty.
As per the vastu principles, it is good to place rectangular desk for the MD.
Placing bore-well or fixing tank in the direction of south is not really recommended. This will affect the owner with less and insufficient cash flow.
The best and right direction to keep the storeroom is on the northwest and southeast location.
It is recommended to set the marketing department in the direction of northwest.
Fixing of some idols or images of God and Goddess in the right location of mirrors will bring you improved financial gains.
Setting a water fountain in the location of northeast of the office premises is really good and recommended.
Placing an aquarium containing 1 black fish and 9 gold fishes in the location of northeast of the office premises is really good and advisable.


1. Doors of each room should be facing East.
2. Bedrooms should be in South and West.
3. Placement of mirrors on South and West wall are inauspicious.
4. While sleeping head should be in South or West but never in North.
5. Pooja room should be in North East. All idols and photographs should be facing East or West.
6. Toilet seat should be in North-South only. It should not be in East-West.
7. Out houses should not touch the compound wall of North and East side.
8. Stairs should always be in clock-wise direction.
9. Anything underground should be in North or East.
10. Anything above ground should be in South or West.
11. Porch should not touch the North or East compound wall.
12. Big trees should not be grown in North or East. They should be in South or West side of the house.
13. Face East or North while reading or transacting any business deal.
14. Face East while cooking, West is allowed if there is no alternative, but never face South while cooking.
15. Total number of doors and windows should be in even number for each floor, but should not end in zero like 10, 20, 30. The width of the door should be half the height of the door. The door should not be too high, too low, too wide or too narrow. The doors should be rectangular and square doors should always be avoided.
16. Ventilation should be looked after and good cross ventilation should be present.
17. Never put the poster of crying girl, war scene, sexy scenes, angry man, owl, eagle etc : they are inauspicious.
18. Doors should open inside the room and not outside.
19. In bed rooms, always use bed of four legs only. Never use box type bed because it stops the air circulation under the bed which is bad for health.
20. Never eat or drink in standing position.
21. No room should be built under the stairs.
22. The cupboard in the wall should be in the Southern or Western part direction of the house.
23. In these kitchen, grinder, fridge, shelf and other heavy items should be towards South and West wall.
24. There should be no water body in front of any entrance door of the house.


First of all an ideal site, free from any of Vastu defects should be selected. After selecting the site, in designing a lay-out for industry and providing for utilities special attention should be paid for the following aspects :
1. The sloping of floors should be towards East, North and North-East, More open space should be left in the East and North side.
2. Building's height can be equal in all sides, otherwise South and Western sides should not be taller in height as compared to East and North.
3. Well, bore well, underground reservoir, sink, pools, swimming pools etc. should be located in North-East or Eastern zone, preferably between MidEast and NorthEast.
4. Stair cases should always be provided in SouthWest part of the building.
5. Overhead water tank may be erected in SouthWest, South or West. Its height should be more than that of buildings height in NorthEast corner.
6. Toilets may be placed in NorthWest or SouthEast. NorthEast and SouthWest corners should be strictly avoided for this purpose.
7. Weigh bridge or weighing machines may be placed in NorthWest or CentralEast.
8. Parking of heavy vehicles like trucks, tractors, trolleys or cranes etc, should be on the roads outside or if it is to be inside, they should be parked in SouthWest zone.
9. Cycles, scooter, cars, light commercial vehicles can be parked in NorthWest, North or East side of buildings. NorthEast should always be free from any parking of vehicles.
10. Lawns with big avenue trees can be developed on South and West sides.
11. Small lawns with fountains etc (without big trees) can be developed in NorthEast, North and East also. Here only small plants can be grown.
12. Administrative and other office blocks can be constructed in North, East, South or SouthWest keeping the heights of these buildings lower than that of main factory.
13. Staff quarters may be built on East without touching East wall, in North, West or SouthEast. Multi storyed flats may be constructed in South zone without touching main factory building.
14. Staff canteen may be placed in SouthEast.
15. Guard Room should be placed near gates in such an advantageous position so that the guards can see approaching persons, vehicles etc. without any obstruction. NorthEast direction should be avoided for a guard room or security cabin. For East facing gate the security office should be on SouthEast side of gate, and for North facing gate it should be on NorthWest side.
16. Time office should be placed near gate for entry for workers but not in the South direction.
17. Heavy plants and machineries should be erected in West, South and SouthWest zones leaving the NorthWest and SouthEast corners. NorthEast and centre of the building should be avoided for placing heavy machineries.
18. Light and auxillary machines, work equipments and tools can be placed in Eastern and Northern sides except in NorthEast, NorthWest and SouthEast corners.
19. Generator, boilers, ovens, oilfired or electric furnaces, switch gears, capacitors, transformers, control panels, smoke chimney etc. all should be located in SouthEast.
20. Heavy raw materials stores may be placed in SouthWest, South or West.
21. Semi processed materials can be stocked in South or West sides.
22. Finished goods stores, packing and forwarding can be in NorthWest, in East or SouthEast. NorthWest is preferable. NorthEast should always be avoided.
23. Maintenance workshop may be in South, SouthWest avoiding NorthEast and centre. Maintenance and consumable stores should be nearer to the workshop.
24. A temple (even a small will do) in the NorthEast corner should be built and maintained neat and clean. No material should be stacked here.
25. Toilets in the administrative building or in other parts of factory or mill should be made in SouthEast or NorthWest area and if septic tank is to be built for that purpose, it should be built in between North and NorthWest or between East and SouthEast.


You should choose a rectangular or square plot for your office.
Make sure that the height of the building is equal in all sides.
If you want to build water bodies for your office, then choose the northeast or eastern zone. However, make sure that the overhead tank is not located in the northeast.
The seating arrangement of senior executives, including Chairman, general manager and directors, should be done in southern, western and southwestern portions of the office.
Northern and eastern zones would be appropriate for seating the middle level officers. Reserve the northwest portion for the field staff.
The accounts department should be located in the southeast direction.
The right place for reception counter is northeast portion of the office. The receptionist should sit facing the north or east direction.
Ensure that the telephone and side-tables are positioned in the south-west corner of the office.
Make sure that you do not keep any obstacle in the opening of any door of your office.
It is suggested that the staff should work by facing the north or east direction.
The employees of your office should not sit under beam. In case the beam cannot be avoided, cover it with a wooden board.
Central zone of office premises should be kept empty.
Store all the important documents in an almirah or safe, which should be placed in the southwest direction.
It is advisable to have a rectangular desk for the owner of the company.
Boring or tube well installation in the southern direction of the office is not recommended.
The location, perfect for the pantry, falls in the southeast or northwest zone.
Marketing department should be located in the northwest zone of the office.
The appropriate location for the toilet is northeast and southwest directions.
Make sure that your office is not built near a temple, graveyard or hospital.
Doors and windows of the office should be positioned in the north and east direction.

If the surroundings are not good, we suffer in many ways.

- Plots which are fertile with plants and greeneries are very good.
- A river or big canal nearby and if it is in North side and water flows from West to East, it is good.
- Similarly if it is on East side of the plot with water flowing from South to North, that is also good.
- But plots with rivers or canal flowing on West or South side of the plot should be avoided.
- Hills, hillocks, mounds of Earth, big boulders etc on the Southern, South West and Western sides of the plot is good : in other sides, it will mar the progress.
- There should be no graveyard, cemetery or tomb adjacent to the plot or in front or back.
- Location of temples near the plot also affect the inmates. Temple on the right side of a plot cause material loss, on the left, grief and sorrow, in front, obstruction to progress and in the 100 feet apart, those disastrous result are avoided.
- Similarly plot very near to Cinema-theatres, schools and colleagues are to be avoided.


If there are obstructions of the undernoted types before main gate of the plot, following problems will arise as per


- Big Tree-obstruction to the progress of children,
- Gutter or Ditch-grief,
- Open well- mental problem,
- Corner of another building-mental unrest,
- Water drain-draining of income by unwanted expenses,
- Straight street-affecting longevity of inmates,
- Dilapidated house or walls-affecting prosperity,
- Staircase railings-sadness,
- Pillars; Electric and telephone post-affecting females.

According to VASTURAJ and BRAHUSANHITA these are called VEDH DOSHA. But in between the plot and obstacles if there is a public road, these deficiencies are nullified.

Similarly, if the distance between the obstacles and the house is two times the height of the house, these deficiencies will have no effect. For example, if the height of the house is 11 feet and if the obstructions are more than 22 feet away, Vedh Dosha vanishes.


The surroundings of our neighbouring houses on all sides also affect us.

Rain water falling from the roofs of neighbours should not flow into our plot particularly from North or East direction.
The affluent of neighbour should not flow into our plot.
In the North East side of the plot high-rise or tall buildings should not be there because such high rise buildings give rise to mental unrest. But if they are in South, South West or Western sides that will be auspicious to the buyer of the new plot or house.
In between two neighbouring big plots, a smaller plot should not be purchased. Similarly between two tall buildings, a small house should not be bought. This will make the buyer poorer day by day.

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