Palmistry is a combination of Physology & Scycology. The Plam with the skin , flesh, shape of fingers, nails , mouth, lines & color of the hand on the palm is physcology & interpretation under scycology.

   The nature of any person , his brain power , what he can do & what he cannot , his nature & behaviour is all there are reflected through palm.Other favourite points in hand like good & straight fingers taxture of the skin , color, flexibility, type of hand, thumb & lines tells us everything.

   Minimum 3 months should be prominent to get higher level of other points & line. for being a successful businessman. Month of Mercury & the little finger should be very prominently supposed by month of Saturn & jupiter for technical subject Mars   , Mercury & Venus should be prominent.

[ No Palm reading.

Consultation charges are INR Rs 5000/- only for Horoscope reading ( not palm ) ]   


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