It is such a blatant truth that most of us donít even know our own strengths and our weaknesses. In some cases even if we know our weakness we donít wish to eliminate it from our system due to our reactionary attitude against any change. Our perception about ourselves is so myopic that we donít ever bother to dig deep enough in to our sub-conscience which is the core of our true creation. Our mind actually works on some set ideologies and we fail miserably to improvise and evolve ourselves out of them. Human mind possesses enormous potentials and it continues to be an enigmatic concept to those who donít attempt adequately to understand it from various such factors that influence it. Some such significantly influencing factors like,

        The Genetic

        Family environment

        Good and the bad experiences of life

        Educational background

        Friends circle

        Socio-economic status

        Efficient and inefficient Mentors

        I.Q AND THE E.Q balance


        Self-control or the endurance power

        Determining  and discerning abilities

        Capacity to construct a golden future for oneself

        Willingness to indulge in self-development.

It is believed that the kind of food we eat impacts our behavior. One can not expect an alcoholicís mouth to smell good or a chain smokerís breath to smell of freshness. Our daily routine ablutions and the food and the sleep habits should have a rhythmic balance.

 To ensure this rhythm in our life-style we need to recall the significance of the three sutras of life.

        THE ENERGY OR THE STRENGTH: We should be aware of our Physical, mental and spiritual powers. We should know how to put these strengths to good use.

        AWARENESS (take cognizance of): Our senses should always be alert. Our concentration should be 100% so that we are alert and aware of our immediate surroundings and the events happening around us.

        BALANCE-: We should be fully conscious of the activities we take up. What ever we are doing we should be fully aware and conscious of the action as to in what proportion we are doing, where and how we are doing it. One can not be in a distracted state of mind.  We should not under play or over play what ever role or action we are performing. Nothing should be done in excess. It should not fall below the limits either. Every act should be performed in right proportion, just like the right amount of salt adding taste to our food, if it is excess it is not edible and if too less then the food turns insipid.

Nature, besides endowing us with physical, mental and emotional strengths she has also bestowed us with immense spiritual strengths. Some have more of the some of these strengths and some others have less of the some of these strengths. The question arises as to when, how and how much of these embedded powers we allow to surface and whether these are put to adequate use. Let us attempt to explore the mental, emotional and the psychic powers within us to realize its potentials.

We are endowed with infinite psychic energy. We donít seem to know how to put our own mental energy to good use. We actually use only 1/10th of our entire psychic power. We often tend to blame it on our existing circumstances or we transfer the blame on to others for our failures. The important truth is that like the huge universe, we contain within us a huge world of infinite powers. We need to understand its importance if we need to taste complete success. Merely desiring success wonít be sufficient; we need to put in right efforts in right proportion. To achieve something we need at first to set a goal for ourselves, and then make ceaseless efforts with a sincere attitude. Whatever vocation is close to oneís heart, one should take up so that one enjoys doing what ever one does. Only then can anyone accomplish a task with complete sense of satisfaction.

Now let us try and concentrate on our mind factor and the psychic energy. Mind at times does not take cognizance of the truth. It possesses the immense power of the sun. This mind again has two phases.

1.     1 The conscience
2.  The sub conscience.

A conscious mind works only at the awakened state. Whereas the subconscious mind works even when one is asleep. It is this subconscious mind that helps us to experience material fulfillment, prosperity and goal achievements.

The Conscious mind

The conscious mind is guided by our intellect and our sense organs. This functions from the left side of the brain. This gets expressed in the following forms of the qualities of the mindís act.

        Our thoughts

        Our sensations

        Our choices or preferences

        Our desires

        Our decision making prowess

        Our I.Q   ( intelligent quotient)

        Our logical abilities

The Sub-conscious mind

Sub-conscious mind organizes our creative abilities. It possesses infinite potentials. Its vistas are unlimited! This exists on the right side of the brain. This form of the conscience does not recognize logical concepts and it does not entertain humor. The sub-conscious mind in fact directly impacts the following areas of our life.

        Voice of the inner conscience


        To know the place, date and time through contemplative powers

        To possess a reservoir of memory and treasure house of knowledge

        A disciplined poised self


        To have a desired form of death

        Spiritual and creative powers

        Self control, tolerance and Wisdom

        To possess control over the circumstances

        Ability to find solution to the conflicting issues

        To organize and make successful plans for a future


Our emotional quotient (E.Q) consists of two aspects.


POSITIVE ASPECT                                       NEGATIVE ASPECT

         Unconditional love                                                Hatred or Despise     

          Pleasant attitude                                                   Fear and Doubt

          Wholesome happiness                                         Jealous

            Faith or Trust                                                    Selfishness

           Charitable or large heartedness                         Stinginess or thriftines

            Meeting co-incidences                                    Sadistic pleasure

            Compassion, Forgiving                                  Avenging attitude

           Gratitude                                                       Greed

           Have a detached demeanor                           Always obsessed with oneís own rewards

 It is absolutely necessary to understand as to how we can expand the potentials of our sub conscience. For this we need to abstain from the stifling negative aspects of our energy and embrace only the positive aspects mentioned above. Read books on wisdom and writings of enlightened people, Keep Company with people with positive qualities, learn to practice positive criticism by observing and praising generously peopleís positive potentials, we should try and imbibe the best of their qualities. We can actually condition and program our sub-conscience to inculcate this positive power, if we pay attention to the following concepts.

1)   Primarily one should have set a goal for one- self, for this, one should have the determination power and a strong desire to attain oneís goal.

2)   Have firm intentions and develop a faith in oneself.

3)   Load your mind with brimming positive thoughts. Never be gullible to otherís misguidance and succumb to such sapping negative influences.

4)   To develop the capacity to be discerning and if need arises one can re-consider the objectives set for oneself while retaining the power to take the final stand for oneself.

5)   Devote some time daily to do yoga and in deep contemplation, see a mental picture of the achievements one wants to attain, thus visualizing the kind of success one wants.

6)   While keeping your eyes shut you command the sub conscience to carry out the functions you assign it can actually carry out the command for you.

7)   Never to accept failure or defeat but keep making efforts undauntedly without giving up.

8)   Have enormous patience to wait for the ultimate success.

9)   Concentration, prayers, silence, contemplation, dedicated efforts, yoga and self-control, a tranquil mind,  presence and practice of all these factors contribute in enabling the Ďsuccess factorí to catch on people very quickly.

One has to have objectives and goals set for living a life of purpose, or else life turns out to be like a sailing ship without an anchoring destination on a shore less uncertain voyage. Only then we can stand out from the mundane and the ordinary manís life. We can establish our own identity make it possible ďto set our footprints on the sands of timeĒ You get to live this life only once, so we really need to make efforts to overcome all the impediments and transcend  the limitations posed by the material world  without wasting any time. Success once obtained, it is important to be able to sustain it. Self respect like the money is earned. What ever is earned is to be spent in a worthwhile manner. Fame and money along with respect are the adorning factors of this life. While in pursuit of the realization of oneís objectives it has to be borne in mind that all our intentions are creative forces directed from the sub-conscience towards a motive that embraces the benefits to humanity as a whole. Every individualís contemplated dreams towards a set goal are the ultimate aim meted out to expand the vistas and dimensions of the exploration of the universal truth. So let each one of us enjoy exploring the realms of our deeper powers which are latently hidden in the core of our subconscious mind. In the words of a less known poet,

Always Remember :

If you canít be a pine on the top of the hill,

       Be a scrub in the valleyóbut be

The best little scrub by the side of the rill;

       Be a bush, if you canít be a tree.

If you canít be a bush, be a bit of the grass,

       And some highway happier make;

If you canít be a Muskie, then just be a bassó

       But the liveliest bass in the lake!

We canít all be captains; weíve got to be crew,

       Thereís something for all of us here.

Thereís big work to do and thereís lesser to do

       And the task we must do is the near.

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