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The face reading is a very interesting subject. You simply observe a person, his mannerism, body language & the shape of his body parts. While conversing his style of talking, his posture of sitting or standing position, where he keeps his hands and positions his legs. After few minutes observation you can read a person like a book.
There is a description of SAMUNDRA SHASTRA (scripture) in Indian Astrology. Palmistry is a branch of this Samundra Shastra (Science). This science indicates palmistry gestures of working so that it can be recognised even at a distance. There is a continuing flow of information.
Whenever the subject approaches to astrologer, his first appearance, his manner & his style of sitting, tells his personal story. His postures indicate all his problems. Although he does not put any questions before the Astrologer the astrologer only pays attention to his behaviour. A good Astrologer never asks any questions, but can understand his problems by seeing his face & observing certain physical sign.
Symbols of females in the science of astrology are described by her gait smile, expression of her face, and voice & here way of talking. It is very important to know her nature, character & behaviour. Each part of our body is very important from head to feet, like fingers, hair, nose, lips eyebrow etc. We have or soft & so on. Even the skin of the body & colour counts. It is very interesting to note down everything & then predict & then you will be a successful astrologer.
Let us start with foot. If the woman starts her left foot & starts walking, she will enjoy health & happiness in life, whereas if she puts her right foot first, she leads an ordinary life. If her feet are small she does not enjoy her conjugal life (personal). If her toes are straight, dry or have little distance, then also family life won't be good. It gives unhappiness & struggle in life. It is very harmful if the female characters possess more hair on her arms & legs. If the toes are in one line with each other, it is good sign. If the smallest finger is not straight, if touches the earth it is good. If the smallest finger of her hand is short & not straight, it does not present a good sign. Such a female character creates trouble in life. A female character is courageous if the third finger of her feet is longer than the second. If the first finger after the thumb is longer, it shows that she is loved her husband. If the thumb of the feet is long, round & look beautiful, she enjoys her husband's love. If she possesses dry, hairy thumb & very small in size, bent or flat to look at, does not give chance to enjoy conjugal happiness.
The best female character's hands & feet are soft & fleshy. Their veins do not show, hence this brings happiness in married life.
The son whose face resembles his mother's face & a daughter whose face resembles her father's .. It gives fortune to both.


If a female character's eyes are not steady or playful her cheeks have dimples, she is of an independent nature or keeps her husband under control. On the country if her eyes are pale, small or have some defects, these show bad character. Big eyes that appear to be faultless are said to be good.


If eyebrows are connected with each other, such a female cannot be trusted. Hair on the body is not good. This diminishes the happiness of own children.


If the hair of a female character is discoloured, thick, dry, and have locks, this brings trouble for the husband or unhappiness, mentally. Such people are mentally harsh but luxurious by nature. If she possesses curly black & soft hair, this brings fortune.


Long nose furnishes worldly happiness & luxury. Also it adds to one's grace & inclination towards artistic things. But such a female possesses ego & her temper is harsh. Small nose increases one's wisdom.


If lips are fat or thick, a person is fond of sexual pleasures & is quarrelsome. Thin lips make a show of ones self & sometimes they make a person philosopher. Dry lips with black colour, if possesses some signs, they are bad.


Pink palm gives wealth & aspirations. Pale palm shows a person shirks from work & full of tension. Such a person cannot be trusted. Persons who walk moving their hands, show their negligence & not trustworthy.


If broad, shows fortune. Lines on forehead bring wealth, and & fame also fortune. If a person keeps on touching his or her forehead, shows worry for his or her children.


If a person possesses more than five fingers he has to face struggle & poverty in life. A mole on his palm gives bad name. He cannot save money. If he possesses Swastika Sunlit or lines denoting a fish, they indicate good results. If the ring finger is bigger than the third line, a person possesses long life. If it is small, his life is short. Crooked fingers show that the person is culprit.


If there is Java in the middle of the right hand, his birth takes place during the day. If a is found in the middle of the thumb, his birth takes place in the brighter fortnight Shukla Pasha of the month of later half of the month. If a Java is seen in the left hand thumb, his birth will take place at night. If there is Java in both the thumbs, his birth will take place during the day in the dark fortnight of the month.
A thumb shows a person's will power & logical trend of mind. If lifeline breaks in between, but the thumb is straight, the person doesn't meet death easily. However difficulties he may have to face in life. If the thumb falls on the palm at the time of serious illness, this shows that the subject's death is curtailed. If the person fails to Smell, his face changes the colour or look pale, his end comes soon.


They show health. White patches on nails are not good. Pink nails show health. Thicker torn nails show sinful actions. Such a person cannot save money. Raised round nails shining like glass or having lines on them, make a person sick with heart trouble. If by any chance nails are broken on account of accident, if they do not grow later on, they bring mental worry, financial difficulty or worries in life. A person, who keeps on touching the stomach, shows worry for his children. If he keeps on touching his neck, it shows that he is suffering from sex.


It is believed that a person, who possesses thirty-two teeth, obtains Royal Status. They enjoy all kinds of happiness. Those who possess thirty teeth, achieve wealth. Those who possess less number of teeth keep on losing the happiness of life. Torn, dirty & uneven teeth persuade a person to suffer from difficulties. They have to work hard for their livelihood. Flat or projected teeth show that the person is greedy or hypocrite & selfish. A person who posses small beautiful, even teeth get fortune in life. Teeth, which are uneven or heavy, also bring happiness but the person gets angry soon or is self-reliant. It is said that if we speak a lie, the teeth become dirty & pale.


Voice which sounds like cloud, gives Royal Status. Sweet voice humming like honey- bee, show luxurious nature or gives worldly pleasures. Those who speak hurriedly, lack self-confidence & show negligence in nature.


Persons possessing broad forehead are lucky. Lines on forehead are not good. If there are five lines on forehead, it shows longevity. Even two lean lines give fame, name & happy life.

If a male character possesses long arms, a gap between two eyes, long nose & thighs, broad chest, he will have fortune or wealth.
1) If MOVEMENT IN HAND IS DISCIPLINED, the subject possesses a balanced Personality.
2) If hands remain closed in normal life, this shows secrecy in life.
3) If hands remain opened, this shows open-mindedness.
4) If a person keeps on irritating or touching his feet unnecessarily, this leads to family trouble Or quarrel.

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