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The earliest of all sciences is Astrology. This is the science of correspondence between the motions of the celestial bodies & natural phenomena occurring on earth such as weather, earthquakes, tides, floods, & evolution of plant & animal life. Human physical phenomena such as childbirth, death, menstruation of female, illness & disease. It is a science based on mathematics of the interaction between celestial bodies or elements in the solar field.
This is not only science but science is a part of astrology. It embraces physical, organic, medical, biosciences & mathematics. It is true that astrology is a science but the prediction is an art you can say that is a divine science. Horoscope indicates our past, present & future destiny which is our karma. It has different branches. Each branch of astrology calls for its own particular technique, which must be used, in the modern conditions in judgments & applications.
The mind plays an important part in guiding the movement of the body. It is interesting to note that only at the time of Swati (constellation) Nakshtra during the rainy season. Shells open to allow drops of water, which later form into the pearl.
At the time of your birth the situation of the star (planets) affect us from time to time in either positive or negative ways in our lifetime.


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